The Four Fridas - Bus & Tram Crash

Presented by the Greenwich+Docklands International Festival

Mack & Mabel - Chichester Festival Theatre

Counterweighted  Camera Boom

Chekhovs - Chichester Festival Theatre

Hydraulic operatIon pop up wall

Guys & Dolls - Chichester Festival Theatre

Hydraulic Lifts operated by manual lever valve

High Society - The Old Vic

Hydraulic cylinder operated Raising Plinths, Table Lift & Scissor Lifts.

Ghost Stories - Revolving Truck 

Steel construction base frame. Shaft driven polyurethane tyred wheels to offer silent forward & backward movements whist the car can also rotate on an internally geared slew ring with a pinion drive. Hydraulically operated pivoting arm for Monsters Head movement

Lumiere Light Festival in Durham November 2013 - Elephant Arch aka 'Elephantastic' on Elvet Bridge

​Steel frame construction

8.5 mtr wide x 5 mtr deep x 10 mtr high

Internal shaped arched wall frames

Internal braces

Screen frames with tie bars and masking

Ridge beam and side walls.

Structural calculations and wind loadings was carried out to meet safety requirements. 

Windmill - Royal Opera House

​Overall height 9.6mtr

Truck base sits on Triple swivel castors

Sails mounted on a slew ring which is driven by a geared pinion drive, powered by a motor with variable speed controller.

Sails originally made from light weight mild steel tube then a second version was made even lighter from Aluminium.

Seating Blocks - Chichester Minerva Theatre

​Steel frame construction

5 no. tiered platforms

Handrails with knee rails 

Access through under rear tier of seating

Plywood tops and fascias supplied and fitted by Weld-Fab.

Anish Kapoor:

Symphony for a Beloved Sun

​Overall height 15mtr. 10 mtr x 500mm deep disc

constructed from a series of curved

trapezoidal trusses with internal bracing

which is lifted by trussed support legs

Location: Martin-Gropius-Bau exhibition hall Berlin


Royal Opera House: Nabucco

​Raked main floor 15x12 mtrs

Floor tops with a recessed section for sand, floor supported by trussed frames up and downstage complete with across stage gate frames for rigidity.

Anti-rake truck to suit Houston showing​

2 No. Side Wall Trucks 8x11 mtrs wide each compromising of:-

Base trucks with triple swivel castors

Tower support structure for cladding

Access ladders adapted into towers

Bridges and LX bars

Anti-rake tower extensions for Milan showing

Rihanna for River Island

Rotating 'R' Light Box

'R' frame fabricated from light weight ERW tube with 1.5mm thick steel plate backing.
Variable speed reversing inverter controller with ramp speeds adjustable two position limit box for end of travel.
Motor unit mounted upstage on unistrut with chain operation of vertical shaft.

Youtube video: skip to 8:00 minutes


Angled Ball

​Constructed mostly from laser cut profiles and supported by a heavy duty central spine.

Manufactured and assembled in our factory, paint finish & installation by others

Location: Ikea Wembley London


Anish Kapoor: My Red Homeland

Steel frame construction 12m dia.

Drive motor unit with pinion to give a

max speed of 1 rev per hour

Central slew ring and radial arm
Support wheels and drive unit frame
Shaped base frame 
Profiled steel racks fixed to base frame
Slip ring system for motor power feed.

Les Troyens - ROH

Construction from various radius tubes to form the shape of the horses head & body.

See the horse in action, click on the video link below.

Shrek The Musical
Hydraulic Rope Bridge

Raising and lowering

operated from control panel offstage.

I Am The Wind - Young Vic
Tilting & Rotating Platform 

​Operated using a joystick, the platform

features double acting hydraulic rams to

give the tilting movement,

while rotating on a geared slew ring.

The Platform is fully welded

and is submerged in water


King's Speech Double Ring Revolve

Steel frame construction

6.6 mtr Outer Ring Revolve

5 mtr Inner Revolve

2 No. Belt drive units complete with encoder feed-back for positioning

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