Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2013

​15 mtr x 8 mtr Retracting & Traversing Wall

Upstage support towers connected with braces to downstage fixed wall both connected through to floor raft
SL & SR truck units with support frames housing a retracting mechanism to move the walls upstage and then offstage.
Floor raft base to fill a void left in the floor 15600 x 2500 x 500 high
SL & SR fixed wall frames 7200 x 4800 to fix wall tiles onto and connected to floor raft base frames
SL & SR upstage support towers 4800 x 7200 connected to floor base raft frames
Header beam with guide rail connecting the top of the SL & SR support towers
SL & SR moving wall truck with support framework and retracting wall section
Drive mechanism for moving SL & SR trucks on / off stage
Variable speed controller for above to give a maximum speed of 150 mm / sec
Travel time is 3000 mm in 20 seconds to traverse the wall trucks offstage
Drive mechanism for retracting SL & SR walls
Variable speed controller for above to give a max speed of 75 mm / sec
Travel time is 300 mm in 4 seconds to retract the wall panels
All steelwork painted black etch primer matt finish
25mm plywood floor fitted to floor rafts